Enjoy Adventure Paragliding in Manali

Enjoy adventure and sports in amazing places in the world with India as one of the main paragliding destinations in the world. Paragliding in Manali is filled with ideal delights of amazing tour pleasures and is not as dangerous as it seems. Take along a good tour guide and you are sure to take back with you wonderful experiences of a great travel destination.

Paragliding is a major part of adventure activities and fills your travel experiences with something really cherishable and memorable. Gorgeous sights and amazing travel experiences are the mainstay of tours here. Highly trained pilots give you the security of a safe flight. Hand-gliding and parachuting are together called paragliding. A paraglider has to run down the hill at 40 degree slope with the running results in air, which fill the columns of the keel. This permits the glider to take off easily. Solang valley slopes here are perfect for paragliding activities.

Paragliding in Manali is organized all across Kullu and in other areas like Solang Bijli Mahadev, Fatru, and Marhi. There are two types of flights that are offered here. An inexperienced tourist is usually taken above to around 100 to 150 feet high and they are usually escorted by a pilot n the double seated paraglider. This indeed gives the thrill and adventure of a perfect paragliding activity that would remain etched in the memory forever. There are flights conducted by experienced pilots who provide you with the best kind of travel delights.

The geographical conditions of Manali are such that they remain  in the air for more than three hours go to a height of 3000 m. February to June and September to November are the best seasons for enjoying paragliding activities. There are five day courses too, which provide you with ultimate Manali travel memories.

As one experiences the best kind of surreal serenity here, the travel memories of paragliding in Manali would never cease to enchant you.

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