All About Investment Plans in India

In 2015, in India, some of the exciting investment plans offered by the investment market are shares, mutual funds and stocks. With all such options, the investment market is all set to break records in the next couple of years.

Thinking about growing your money for a better future? Buy the finest investment plans from Indian investment market and watch your investment grow. With India’s free economy, the people are able to invest their money in different investment plans. India, a fast grown Asian county, holds huge scope for investment with hefty returns. A majority of the investment options available in India are low risk. Some of the traditional investment plans that people commonly invest in include Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Equity, Insurance, Real Estate, Public Provident Fund, Gold Deposit Schemes and the National Saving Certificate. ULIPs are one of the modern investment-cum-insurance plans that thousands of investors bought last year. With such a combination of insurance and investment plans, the investment market is all set to do a record business till 2020.

Investment Growth

Saving with investments

Saving monthly through any investment plan is a common practice amongst the buyers. Though there are many other options to manage their finances, investments have become a popular choice. Investments like insurance not only cover your life but also provide risk-free profits. Indian investment companies, both, private and public, provide a wide range of investment choices with reasonable premiums.

Attractions of investments

Covering the risks – Investment plans like ULIPs, offer assured risk protection to the applicants. If the policy holder survives the policy period, they would receive guaranteed returns and if not, the nominee receives the sum assured.

Consistent returns – Investment plans, meant for long term, offer consistent returns. Along with the policy maturity amount, the policy holder also receives bonuses from time to time.

Security – There are many private and public investment companies in India offering exclusive investment plans. No matter which company you choose to invest with, your money remains safe, as care is taken to spread the invested amount among various sectors.

Peace of mind – Risk coverage, growth of the money that you invest and secure investment options, offer the policy holders, complete peace of mind.

Tax – Investment-cum-insurance plans in India like the Unit Linked Insurance Plan are tax sheltered. As per section 80C, the premium paid is deductible from income. So, tax is saved when the policy holders pay premiums of their life insurance-investment policies.

Long term planning – Most of the investment plans in India are perfect for long term investment planning.

With different investment plans being introduced by the Indian investment sector, the investors have their choice. ULIPs and the Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) are two of the most common investment plans. In India, the fixed deposits are tagged as finest investments for senior citizens whereas, NRE fixed deposits are the smart choice of investment for NRIs. As the current rate of NRE fixed deposits has reached to 9%, this is a great time for the NRIs to invest for 5-10 years period.

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