Best Performing Mutual Funds 2015

Best performing mutual funds 2015 are many but you need to identify the ones that suit your financial goals the most. Availability of many mutual fund investments MFs gives you a choice to select the best one.

The mutual fund industry in India

Over the past few years, with all new investment opportunities being introduced every year, the mutual fund industry in India has fast developed. No doubt, the list of best performing mutual funds 2015 has grown bigger. From systematic investment plans, gold funds, liquidity funds, balanced funds, retirement plans, tax saving funds to short term mutual funds, there are many investing opportunities available in the Indian investment market. Not to mention, people invest in suitable mutual funds as per individual financial goals.

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The year 2015 witnessed changing trends in the investment industry. So far, most of the investors considered mutual funds as their primary investments rather than the traditional bank fixed deposits. The growth in MFs can be clearly seen as the industry is all set to attract many more eyeballs in coming years with their newest investment avenues.

Here are some of the best performing mutual funds 2015 that you can consider:

Equity fund– Simply put, the equity fund EF indicates investments in stocks, where, there are many kinds of investments. Growth funds, index funds, income funds, value funds, asset allocation funds and balanced funds are some of the popular kinds of EF that you can choose from. Each of the EFs differs in its deliverables and functions.

Gold ETF– Also known as the exchange traded funds, the Gold ETF funds are specifically designed to track back the commodity’s performance. Basically, the ETF funds are meant to generate expected returns as per current performance of gold and price.

Liquid fund– Associated with lower risks, these funds are an exact alternative to the short term fix deposits. Liquid funds carry a lock-in period of up to three days. The lock-in period offers protection against primary banking malfunctions and also allows you to redeem the proceeds within 24 hours.

The idea of mutual funds in India was born in 1963 and since then there was no looking back. The industry constantly introduced many new investing avenues for people across the country. Considering the investing benefits and high returns, hundreds of NRIs invest in mutual fund avenues in the Indian market. Open-ended, closed-ended, income based, tax saving funds and ETF funds are some of other popular MFs as offered by the Indian investment market.

Researching about best performing mutual funds in the current year is not a difficult task. With online experts and agents, you can easily get to know about available avenues and their features. Tools like calculators, comparison quotes and net asset value calculators help investors measure the performance and calculate their returns. Nowadays, people prefer investing in MFs over fixed deposits, bonds and life insurance policies. Mutual funds allow investors to fulfill their general investment goals of protection of the principal amount, appreciation of principal and maintenance of the income. As investing in any suitable mutual funds is the need of the hour, people invest at an early age. Confused to select one of the best performing mutual funds? Check out the features of available MFs, match your requirements and choose the right one!

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