Do’s and Don’ts for your Contact Lenses

Everyone who wears contact lenses have a few questions related to it, especially during times when you are travelling. There are certain things to keep in mind with contact lenses since they are sensitive products, if not handled carefully can induce inflammation and other eye related problems.

You need to make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before touching your contact lenses. Also, you need to make sure you avoid scented soaps while cleaning your hands because they might stick to the lens surface. This suggestion is also applicable for moisturizing lotions. Make sure you follow these rules to ensure hygiene:

  • Ensure the storage cases of your lenses are disinfected and cleaned regularly.
  • Replace your lenses after intervals.
  • Keep replacing your old solution with some new solution.

Things to keep in mind while travelling

Most of the times when you’re travelling, it becomes difficult for people to carry lens solution since we all know the rules and regulations regarding carrying liquids. But you are allowed to carry small amounts of eye drops or other liquids, hence you definitely need to check with your particular airlines, before you travel. There are certain things to keep in mind while you’re travelling, a few of them are stated below:

Always keep your contact lens case and solution close to you, i.e., in your carry baggage, not the main luggage. For this, check with the airport authorities.

Most times, the cabin temperature, pressure, etc. induce dryness; hence you need to carry a bottle of contact lens rewetting drops for this very purpose.

You can try wearing disposable contact lenses, some of which you can change on a daily basis. This ensures you do not need to carry the contact lens solution and the case.

If you are carrying contact lens solution, then you need to ensure you do not carry the entire bottle. You can pour the solution in a small portable bottle so that there are no travel related hassles.

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