Memorable Tours in Elephanta Caves Near Mumbai

Are you the one who wants to see some adventure and excitement in your tour experiences? Do you like to go down the history lane and get closer to some of the best structures and fascinating edifices? Then you are sure to enjoy your visits to Elephanta Caves in the Elephanta Island off the coast of the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. A very famous land named thus by the Portuguese, Elephanta gets its name  from the statue of an elephant which was found near the landing region of this historical island.

Elephanta Caves Boats

The UNESCO has declared it as a World Heritage Site in the year 1987 and since then, the artwork and construction has been preserved. Situated around 10 km away from the famous Gateway Of India, the caves have beautiful  rock cut temples dating back to the fifth century. Tourists enjoy the pleasures of a boat ride here and take back with them valuable travel memories.

Legendary tales of Lord Shiva emanate from the cave temples found here. The entire cave complex is a mix of beautiful courtyards, divine shrines, and is surely counted as on of the best forts and monuments in India. All of them are arranged in a splendid manner in a beautiful symmetry of Indian architectural forms. The elegance of the sculptures and the beauty of the surroundings is worth your visit. It is believed that this temple complex was once the abode of Lord Shiva.

Elephanta Caves is very famous for the Elephanta Dance Festival, which is a unique combination of renowned dancers, musicians, and artists who perform live outside the cave premises. It is a great rejuvenation of body, mind, and soul and is a perfect experience for all who come to this beautiful paradise.

So if you are one to enjoy the thrill and excitement associated with the Elephanta Caves tours then just pack your bags and head to this beautiful haven.

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