TV Entertainment – Dominance of Comedy Shows

In the world of TV Entertainment, the contribution made by comedy shows is very big. The TV channels are focusing on broadcasting more comedy shows in coming years to entertain the audience.

Comedy shows ruled the 90’s with shows like ‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfeld’. Comedy gave the audience much wanted respite from stress of daily multi-tasking at work. Even today the world of TV Entertainment is dominated by comedy shows. Comedy programs gave the TV audience characters they would love to be with; Kramer, Ross, Phoebe, Joe, Jerry and many others. The trends in comedy TV entertainment are fast changing. People wait for a new comedy TV serial to be telecast. The light-hearted stories, humor and happy endings in comedy shows, aim to make the audience laugh.

As far as entertainment on TV is concerned, comedy shows are a great support. 1895 to1930 was the period of silent movies. This kind of silent comedy relied on burlesque, slapstick and even laughable exaggerations at times. Charlie Chaplin holds the title of most popular comedy show on TV. Even today people love watching repeat episodes of Charlie Chaplin. Animated cartoons became a popular style of comedy with special treatment for the audience. The traditional black and white show-reels have now become digital, colorful and picturesque.

Charlie Chaplin

‘Krazy Kat’, ‘Felix the Cat’ and ‘Betty Boop’ are a few comedy cartoon names in fame. In 1970, slapstick comedy arrived, which was a bit hit. During the early 1990’s, family themed comedy shows were in the limelight. Stoner comedies became popular amongst younger audiences. Comedy that was telecast on television has always stayed in the hearts of audience. Today comedy shows receive tremendous acceptance. After a stressed-out day, people like to sit back at home and watch shows that make them laugh. With increasing demand from the audience, the TV channels too are taking all efforts to telecast new comedy shows every year.

Dominance by the comedy shows

When it comes to comedy on TV, its entertainment at its best! Some of the shows popular on TV include, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘The Simpsons’, and the evergreen ‘Friends’. Shows like ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Shield’ are able to attract maximum audience at home with their engaging plots. Shows that are able to entertain the audience are in fame today and their popularity is expected to increase in the coming years. There is a wide variety of programs being telecast on the TV but everything that is comedy is being talked about. When you are seated in front of the TV, you prefer to watch a show that entertains you and helps you forget your stress. Though there are many other individual programs being telecast on TV, its comedy that entertains the audience.

Comedy shows are a big part of TV Entertainment as they are able to attract maximum viewers. The good news for TV audience is, more and more comedy shows are lined up to be released next year on popular channels and with HD channels being released upfront, entertainment is expected to skyrocket. On one hand, the channels are able to increase their TRP through such entertaining shows and on other hand audience receive what they lookout for, showbiz!

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